Our Approach

We understand that companies are under ever-increasing pressure to deliver projects faster, with commensurate increase in return on investment.

In order to accommodate these pressures and alleviate the stress that comes with such mandates, Change Systems have integrated change management approaches and deliverables with the most up-to-date and frequently-used project methodologies, namely, Prosci Methodology, Agile Approach, ASAP, Prince 2 and PMBOK.

Prosci Methodology
Change Systems is an authorised provider of the international Prosci Methodology, upon which much of Change Systems’ change management approach is based; Change Systems works closely with Prosci’s primary affiliate, Picourseware.

This well-proven methodology was developed by the Change Management Learning Centre in the USA, ensuring that best practices, which have been researched using over 1,000 companies worldwide, are competently utilised.

Prosci’s customers include the majority of Fortune 500 Companies.

Agile Approach
Change Systems has integrated its methodology with various Agile methodologies, i.e. Scrum, Lean and Kanban Software Development and Rapid Application Development (RAD) in order to ensure maximum success of changes that organisations wish to execute.

Agile methods originated out of the real-life project experiences of leading software professionals who had experienced the challenges and limitations of traditional waterfall development on project after project. Agile development offers a simplified framework for helping teams, given a constantly evolving functional and technical landscape, maintain a focus on the rapid delivery of business value (i.e., “bang for the buck”). Its adaptability and response to change makes Agile a preferred methodology for many IT projects.

At Change Systems we collaborate with you to focus on ensuring your staff are managed so that appropriate stakeholders are freed up during the process of change, and that your staff are well adjusted to ongoing training in a continuous release environment. Overall, it is of the utmost importance to address any discomfort with cultural, business, social, or other challenges, which your staff might encounter, related to those changes that you wish to implement.

Contrary to popular belief more, not less, change management initiative is required during the use of agile methodologies (i.e. Rapid Application Development (RAD)). It is able to deliver quicker on business needs to absorb required changes, although business may not always ready to absorb these changes. Agile obtains an optimal balance between how much business can absorb, plus, when and how much IT needs to deliver within an optimally-balanced context.

Each of these challenges are compounded when organisations operate multiple agile projects simultaneously. This is where a Change Management Office (CMO) adds critical value.

Prince 2, PMBOK and ASAP
Many organisations choose to follow traditional project methodologies for example Prince 2 or PMBOK as a standard in their business.

ASAP methodology framework V8 delivers structured methodology content: processes, procedures, accelerators, checklists, links to standard SAP documentation, etc., necessary for the implementation of SAP solutions. Change Systems’ methodology takes cognisance of the challenges of SAP projects and strives to unlock the value of the system through engaging, up-skilling and empowering all users.

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