Creating Meaning

Change Systems recognises that the world — both business- and society-wise - has, and continues to, change rapidly with regard to the search for individual and company meaning and purpose.

Aligned strongly to this key undercurrent to global society, Change Systems has a strong passion for bringing to life authentic meaning within business organisations’ ecosystems, for countries on a greater scale, or from a global perspective.

Within the integrated context of our employees, associates, customers and business partners (an organisation’s ecosystem) we place a rich premium on understanding the role that values, ethics, good business practices and consistent quality delivery play in creating meaning and relevance. Change Systems unwaveringly believes that authentic meaning can effectively be achieved through aligning like-minded people around a vivid and inspired shared purpose. We strive to facilitate this by collaborating closely with you and implementing strategic systems and processes that make this a refreshing reality.

Change Systems also firmly believes that practical and significant meaning can be created by giving back to society and the world. As a result we are proudly associated with a number of initiatives that work to achieve this across a variety of platforms.

In addition to the carefully-chosen initiatives listed below, Change Systems is also involved with various enterprises that are assisting those who have been impacted by HIV/AIDS and aim to counteract the effect that this disease is having on our society.

The Art of Living

The Art of Living is an educational and humanitarian movement. This organisation has touched the lives of over a million people with their stress-management and service initiatives.

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Net Impact

Net Impact is a global network of leaders and a prominent non-profit organisations dedicated to changing the world through business by empowering a new generation to use their careers as a driving force for change in the workplace – and the world.

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Mindfulness Africa

Mindfulness Africa is a non-profit organisation which is aims to help people manage their lives in a way that enhances their and others’ wellbeing in whatever way seems most appropriate for them.

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