Are you a Change Management Practitioner tasked with: 
  • Providing your Steering Committee and business line managers with a view of the overall impact of the change on the organisation?
  • Which change actions need to be completed by when to ensure a change ready organisation?
  • Where should the available resources and effort be directed to ensure maximum ROI?
If your answer is YES to any of these questions, your project or program will benefit from the CIAdb (Change Impact Assessment Database).

• You will save time by entering data once
• You will be able to spend more time facilitating change and less mastering excel’s pivot tables
• You are able to capture a snapshot of the environment over a period of time. You are able to follow the progress of the embedding process
• Please download the instructions and start your journey towards a quality Change Impact Assessment 

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About this course

This online learning module not only focuses on how change is impacting on companies’ performance, but is also providing tools on how to effectively  improve, manage, and lead personal and organisational change agility

What you will learn

What is change agility?
How to assess and improve personal change agility 
How to manage and lead organisational change agility

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