Develop an Agile Workforce

An organisation is made up of people. People are complex individuals.

It is important to view people as holistic beings, because, the fact is that all employees are affected by a variety of influences in their lives – not just their formal jobs.

To put it more simply, each person’s job occupies a specific amount of “mind space”, which is constantly being competed for by whatever else comprises their life, whether their health, their finances, family trauma, children, et cetera.

These realities can be powerful barriers towards enabling an agile workforce. It’s not just mind space competition that one is dealing with, however. In addition, a person’s working environment itself might pose certain debilitating barriers.

So, how does one go about developing an agile workforce?

Change Systems believes that the starting point is to understand and embrace the human complexity and holism of employees throughout the ranks. Using this as key perspective, to then determine what it is that makes an individual “agile” and able to adapt to the increased pace of change.

Essentially, people desire purpose and meaning in their work lives. They wish to feel that they can achieve, make a difference, and contribute meaningfully (?). These are driving factors which increase the space that is taken up by the workplace in the mind of an employee.

Great organisations endeavour to unlock the value within their workforce, not by implementing more controls and stricter performance management practices, but, rather, through inspirational leadership, enabling practices and a culture that speaks to openness and trust. In short, by making their employees feel that their jobs are meaningful!

Change Systems is passionate about helping businesses unlock the potential in their employees by assessing possible constraints, developing a customised strategy, and implementing a roadmap that works towards creating a culture that facilitates employees’ capability to become consistently agile.

This approach assures the adoption of constant change in a positive, constructive and beneficial manner.