Assess Individuals and Organisations

Every individual organisation is unique, extending to its employee make-up.

Thus, depending on the change journey that an organisation requires, Change Systems undertakes various assessments to inform the necessary (tailored) change intelligence required for optimal change management transition.

For example, Change Systems puts into place employee engagement, change impact, change audit, cultural due diligence, change readiness, communication, and role mapping exercises and assessments. In this way, careful pre-planning ensures that maximum effectiveness is achieved, together with the most prudent means of ensuring an organisation’s best path forward.

To ensure the very best specialist expertise for organisations, where necessary and with careful consideration, Change Systems outsources individual assessments to a company called The Makings. They expertly profile, assess, train and coach / mentor individuals to ultimately assist them to improve their performance.

The information gleaned from such insight and research forms the basis of Change Systems’ collaboration with organisations, in order to design, plan and track an organisation’s progress as it proceeds along its change-journey.